Simple property solutions

Guarantee Your Rent

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Simple property solutions

Making it easy to be a landlord
Are you looking for:
Guaranteed rent?
Great tenants and no voids?
Maintenance free properties?

Contact us now, it could change your life!

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Our Services

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Are you a landlord, fed up of all the hassle, months without rent, maintenance costs, problem tenants etc?


Are you a homeowner, looking to rent out your house, receiving GUARANTEED rent with zero hassle?


Are you a tenant, wanting good quality, clean, fresh accommodation? Our friendly team is here to help you.

How It Works?

The process for landlords is simple. Instead of signing an agreement with a tenant, you sign an agreement with Stonesbridge Property. You don’t need to do anything else. This contract will last up to 5 years and can be extended if desired.

Basic steps to work with us:

Setting up your agreement with us is incredibly easy:

  • You tell us the monthly rental amount that you would be happy to receive.
  • We provide an agreement that has been drafted by our solicitors and sets out all of the terms.
  • We take over the management of the house and fill it with our professional tenants.
  • You receive your guaranteed rent and watch your bank balance grow!
  • We return the house in great condition at the end of the period.

Member of the Property Redress Scheme

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